Do you know what is Martech?

MarTech is more than just a trending buzzword amongst CMOs and CIOs.  MarTech is improving marketing efforts exponentially, personalizing marketing, understanding customers, automating processes, and optimizing efforts.


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Answers to Your Questions

What is Martech?

In the past, companies focused on a one-way push of their marketing message to the masses. Today’s consumers now demand a new relationship with brands. This relationship, powered by technology, delivers a thoughtful, seamless, personalized customer experience and enables a two-way dialogue between customers and companies.

In response to these new demands, marketing technology solutions have exploded in popularity and marketing teams have provisioned marketing stacks and marketing “clouds” to make digital marketing activities more effective and efficient.

Simply put, MarTech is the technology that enables marketing in this digital world.

What are the Beneftis of Martech?

MarTech can help your marketing department become increasingly efficient and effective. Instead of wasting time on manual analysis and compilation of siloed data, your team can focus on other efforts, like that next campaign!

What is a Martech Stack?

A MarTech stack is the combination of marketing technology solutions that manage different digital marketing channels or tactics a company may use.

Optimizing Your Martech

Most organizations are already using many of these technologies. But few have fully optimized or integrated everything into a unit that works together. An existing CRM, such as Salesforce and marketing automation system – like Hubspot – are common starting points, and even that, for many companies, requires hiring a specialist to help.

Making Martech More Team-Friendly

The Bottom line is that many people in marketing thrive because of their creativity. They realize data and emerging technologies are important but are better suited for things like planning and creating new campaigns.

MarTech lets marketers have more time for creativity. Automating tasks that previously absorbed valuable time and resources frees up more energy and availability for originality.

Helping organizations to make technology more accessible to their marketing team is my ultimate goal. I can help you to bridge the gap between the technology and your team, focusing on the choice and integration of the several MarTech software available so your marketing experts can concentrate on building what they suppose to build.


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